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Boskerfiction 《Fey Evolution Merchant》 – Chapter 199 – Smooth–Toothed Elephant Lizard And Huge friend lavish suggest-p2
Fey Evolution Merchant

NovelFey Evolution MerchantFey Evolution Merchant
Chapter 199 – Smooth–Toothed Elephant Lizard And Huge suppose flimsy
[Fey Excellent]: Faultless
[Stinky Swamp]: Produces a stinky swamp within a compact area around by itself. Should a goal ways about it, he is going to be dragged much deeper to the swamp because of the sinking drive.
[Fey Kind]: Liquid/Entire world
How Come Chemistry So Hard: “That’s absolutely nothing! I’ve already peed my slacks! I didn’t even move and was prepared to watch this duel primary.”
Chen Hongfeng had been this type of affable fats nerd. In four many months, Long Tao got trained him in to a skinny nerd.
Dim Moon Falling Force of the wind: “Ahhh! It’s Lord Dark colored! I want to observe how strong he is!”
Fang Duoduo silently lit a white candle for Chen Hongfeng on his cardiovascular system.
[Fey Group]: Toothed Lizard/Monitor Lizard
[Fey Class]: Golden (6/10)
Lin Yuan’s students contracted with seeing that. Both of these feys ended up lizards. One of them acquired blue-and-black colored skin, with tooth enamel baring outward. Each of its tooth was over four ins. Its body system was as formidable for a large elephant, with wide and powerful arms and legs. That was a humongous hideous-hunting lizard having an eight-meter physique and four-gauge stature. Its body system seemed to be br.i.m.m.i.n.g with electricity in addition to a burst open of potential.
Exceptional Competency:
Lin Yuan’s students contracted when seeing that. These feys have been lizards. One of them experienced violet-and-black epidermis, with pearly whites baring outward. All of its pearly whites was over four ins. Its physique was as sturdy being a massive elephant, with dense and robust limbs. This became a humongous horrible-searching lizard through an eight-meter system and four-gauge elevation. Its human body seemed to be br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy in addition to a burst open of ability.
Chen Hongfeng was the Dragon Door Guild Club S Tournament reserve workforce fellow member. When the Radiance Hundred Sequence #3, Very long Tao was the Dragon Entrance Guild Group S Tournament Team’s captain. Longer Tao believed highly of Chen Hongfeng, who was currently within the save crew and organized to focus on his coaching.
Fang Duoduo disrupted, “You’ve properly trained Chen Hongfeng for nearly 6 months. Obviously, you’re informed about him.”
When Fang Duoduo explained this, he highlighted the text ‘healing-form spirit qi professional’. It was subsequently as if he was reminding Long Tao which he got informed him concerning this well before.
Exclusive Ability:
Nevertheless, in Fang Duoduo’s viewpoint, anyone who Very long Tao thinking highly of and want to educate was simply unfortunate.
Wouldn’t it are already great generally if i obtained ended up to coach with my teammates inside the education bedroom?
[Fey Identity]: Sleek-Toothed Elephant Lizard
Chen Hongfeng was the Dragon Door Guild Membership S Tournament reserve organization user. Because the Brilliance Hundred Pattern #3, Longer Tao was the Dragon Gate Guild Organization S Competition Team’s captain. Prolonged Tao thought highly of Chen Hongfeng, who had been currently inside the set aside crew and prepared to target his training.
How Come Biochemistry So Desperately: “That’s almost nothing! I’ve already peed my slacks! I didn’t even transfer and was all set to watch this duel first.”
Lengthy Tao checked out Dark colored, who has been position complete opposite Chen Hongfeng, and sensed that metallic-masked person’s aura built him feel like he were built with a strong feeling of him. It turned out just like he experienced observed him somewhere before.
[Fey Identify]: Enormous-Tailed Swamp Lizard
[Fey Brand]: Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard
Despite stating so, he was already observing a moment of silence for Chen Hongfeng.
Fey Evolution Merchant
On viewing these feys’ details, Lin Yuan realized that he was approximately to handle an difficult conflict. People were very fantastic with regards to skills and exclusive expertise.
The other one fey was actually a unusual-seeking lizard over 1 meter. Its whole body was covered with black-environmentally friendly-and-light brown lines. It experienced a big tail on its back much like a s.h.i.+eld safeguarding the front of its entire body. This lizard’s system was only how big a watermelon, however its tail was over 10 times larger than its human body.
Lengthy Tao checked out Fang Duoduo just like he was taking a look at an idiot. Then, he forgotten about Fang Duoduo and viewed Chen Hongfeng’s live-internet streaming home.
Then, Lengthy Tao suddenly requested, “Didn’t I allow Hongfeng sharpen his fight capabilities lately? How could he know Black?”
[Fey Sort]: Standard water
[Tragic Claws]: Swiftly golf swing claws. Even though it tears the objective, the claws’ mucus will go through the objective, leading to bloodstream retention.
Right then, Longer Tao exclaimed, “How can come he appears to be so comfortable?”
Certainly ample, Lengthy Tao claimed, “He’s not severe within his education. Right after he logs off Celebrity World wide web, inform him to coach with another 100 duels.”
Special Expertise:
Tysseland Chronicles – Cursed
Fang Duoduo silently lighted a bright white candle for Chen Hongfeng on his cardiovascular.
Then, Long Tao suddenly asked, “Didn’t I enable Hongfeng hone his fight techniques recently? How would he know Dark?”
Even so, Very long Tao failed to get Fang Duoduo’s interpretation and said with huge attraction, “A recovery-kind mindset qi professional can ascend the tower by using a 100% successful rate? That’s intriguing!”
Lin Yuan’s students contracted following considering that. Both of these feys were definitely lizards. One acquired blue colored-and-black color skin area, with teeth baring outward. Each of its teeth was over four “. Its physique was as powerful for a giant elephant, with thick and robust limbs. It was a humongous ugly-looking lizard using an eight-meter human body and four-gauge level. Its physique appeared to be br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vitality as well as a broken of ability.
[Influx Moving Attack]: Trigger water-factor energy in your body to break with whole durability.
[Corrosive Soil Downpour]: Routes the planet earth-element and normal water-part within your body to create a downpour produced by Stinky Dirt.
[Fey Types]: Tailed Lizard/Scaled Lizard
Following Chen Hongfeng had mentioned that to his exist-internet streaming room, he completely overlooked the belief that he was live streaming. Rather, he targeted all his power on the duel at the present time. Nevertheless, his are living-internet streaming room was in an uproar.

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